February 22, 2017 / What's New

MoneyBrilliant releases new features to help people make better decisions about their money

The team at MoneyBrilliant are pleased to announce new features and enhancements to the MoneyBrilliant service. Major changes include: Net... View Article


January 9, 2017 / What's New

New Personal Insights and Content in your MoneyBrilliant Activity Feed

MoneyBrilliant has always focused on helping people make better decisions about their money. We think that when people make better decisions... View Article


November 27, 2016 / What's New

Safe Spending: What? Why? How?

Safe Spending takes the guess work out of your account balance. As you spend your Safe Spending amount reduces keeping... View Article


November 22, 2016 / What's New

The new budget and what we love about it

Now that we have released our new app, we thought it’s the perfect time to share what we love and... View Article


November 21, 2016 / What's New

Today MoneyBrilliant got even more brilliant

Log in to MoneyBrilliant and you will see more than just account aggregation, spending reports, and a simple budget. Now... View Article


November 20, 2016 / What's New

MoneyBrilliant Activity Feed

The MoneyBrilliant Activity Feed makes staying on top of your money easier than ever before. As you use MoneyBrilliant personal... View Article


November 7, 2016 / What's New

Why we moved everything to mobile

When we set out to build the next version of MoneyBrilliant we made a bold decision to build for mobile... View Article


October 14, 2016 / What's New

New functionality for MoneyBrilliant customers

At MoneyBrilliant we are passionate about helping people make better decisions about their money because we think it helps people... View Article


July 28, 2016 / What's New

Gaps in online banking apps leave space for local Fintech entrepreneurs

Australian banks are falling short when it comes to supporting customers with money management and service features according to the... View Article


July 18, 2016 / What's New

MoneyBrilliant makes it easy for ANZ MoneyManager customers

These days most bank products are commodities. People shop for rates, short-term convenience or special deals and for this reason... View Article


June 27, 2016 / What's New

Pending transaction and single refresh notifications

Our latest updates provide some important fixes to two key features that had you frustrated: pending transactions and account refresh... View Article


June 8, 2016 / What's New

Get more out of tags

The latest updates have been released. The highlight of the release is an improvement to tags that everyone will be... View Article