Financial well being of employees has a significant effect on Australian businesses

Despite being a personal issue, the financial well being of employees has a significant effect on Australian businesses.

One in four Australian workers report being under financial strain and almost 2 million are considered to be "financially stressed". Financial stress has a direct effect on productivity and absenteeism.

Employees have a range of financial concerns

The main financial concerns of employees include:
- not having enough savings to meet unexpected expenses
- not being able to retire when they want to
- not being able to meet their monthly expenses
- not being able to pay their debts when they are due

Traditional employee benefit programs don't really help

Around half of all Australian companies offer some type of formal employee benefit program to their employees.

According to research, two thirds of the programs are not well communicated and staff are unlikely to be aware of the benefits that are available to them, few target employees with relevant offers, most cannot track whether benefits are taken up by employees and most don't make a real difference to the financial well being of employees.

How can MoneyBrilliant help?

MoneyBrilliant is personal financial management service designed to help real people make better decisions about their money.

MoneyBrilliant can be packaged as part of an employee wellness or benefit program to help employees with things like how they bank, how they budget and how they spend their money.

We can integrate MoneyBrilliant with corporate superannuation and workplace financial planning solutions to really bring them to life.

We can also integrate MoneyBrilliant with employee benefit programs and help employers understand the offers that would make a real difference to employees, help employees make the most of the benefits and track usage of the benefits.

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