How do I connect accounts to MoneyBrilliant that require additional security authentication procedures?

Where a connection to your financial institution requires additional security authentication procedures, these procedures will occur for you when you connect or refresh your accounts in MoneyBrilliant.


The security authentication procedures will be required when you connect your accounts to MoneyBrilliant and when you refresh them.


You can connect you accounts and refresh your accounts through the My Accounts page. You can a find help on connecting your accounts by accessing the Help article How do I connect accounts to MoneyBrilliant? You can find help refreshing your accounts by accessing the Help article How do refresh my connected accounts?


The security authentication process will display during the connection process. The authentication procedures will match the procedure used with your online account. Simply enter the required security information and then click CONTINUE.

The connection will then update your MoneyBrilliant account with your online transactions and account balance.


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