How do I tag transactions?

Transaction tagging is an enhanced feature that allows you to analyse your spending across multiple categories. Tagging is available when you subscribe to Plus, the paid plan of MoneyBrilliant.

If you are on the Plus plan, MoneyBrilliant can Tag a transaction whether you are on mobile or desktop.

Mobile App –

When viewing a transaction you wish to tag, touch anywhere in the category description to navigate to the Transaction Details screen.

You will see the the button Add Tag sitting under the category. Touch the Add Tag field and type in your tag name. Where you have used the tag before the tag name will appear as you are typing.

Touch the plus icon to add your tag to the transaction.


Desktop App –

There are 2 ways you can tag a transaction on desktop.

From the detailed transaction description

When viewing your transactions, you can quickly add a tag by clicking anywhere on the transaction description. Simply type the label of the tag in the tag field and hit enter.


You transaction will be tagged and you will see the Tag icon in the transaction description.

From the Edit Transaction window

When you click the category name next to your transaction description, the Edit Transaction window will pop up.

This is where you can change a category for a transaction and you can add a tag by typing name of your tag in the tag field on the left hand bottom corner of your screen. Press enter to save the tag with the transaction.


When you close the Edit Transaction window, your transaction will be updated with the tag, identified by the tag icon.