How do I tag transactions?

Transaction Tagging is a premium feature that allows you to analyse your spending across multiple categories. Tagging is available for Plus customers only. Basic users can access this feature anytime they wish to upgrade to the MoneyBrilliant Plus Plan from the Plan & Billing page on the MoneyBrilliant desktop browser app.

Transaction Tagging can be done from mobile or desktop.

Mobile App –

You can tag a transaction from the Transaction Details screen, which you access by from the transaction you wish to tag.

The Add Tag option is located half way down the screen. Type your tag name in the field provided.

Desktop App –

Tags are added to transactions from the Edit Transaction window which you navigate to by clicking on the category of the transaction you wish to tag.

The Tag feature is located at the bottom left of the window. Type the name of your tag in the field provided. If you have already used the tag, it will appear as an option as you start typing.

To save your tag, you have the option of applying it to just this transaction (Save) or you can save to all similar transactions (Save All & Remember). The Save All & Remember option identifies all past transactions with the same transaction description and sets a rule to apply your tag to any future transactions with the same transaction description.

You can delete a tag from the transaction by selecting the cross icon next to the tag.