Financial Boot Camp

Are you looking to get your money under control in 2019?

Give yourself the best chance by signing up to MoneyBrilliant Plus for just $9.90 per month (or $99.00 for a year) and join our Boot Camp.

Over 10 weeks we will help you get a clear understanding of your financial position, build money management skills and develop enduring money management habits.

Each week we will send you an email with background information, tips and a set of tasks to help you master a specific money management topic.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Getting a complete picture of your money
  • Optimising your banking structure and products
  • Analysing your spending to understand where your money goes
  • Aligning your spending and your values and goals
  • Triaging your bills – discard, reduce, keep
  • The Save Yourself $1,000 a Year Challenge
  • Setting up a budget – and sticking to it
  • Managing your cashflow
  • Building a debt management plan
  • Setting savings goals

You’ll also have access to all the great features of MoneyBrilliant Plus, an experienced Financial Coach and a private Facebook Group where you can share ideas with other Boot Camp participants.

To get started make sure you’ve downloaded the MoneyBrilliant app and/or registered and send an email to from the email address you used to register.

"The Money Brilliant Boot Camp gave me the clarity and support I needed to get me on the right track with my money. The weekly tasks were simple to understand and follow and by the end of the camp, I finished with some actual real savings and a great framework for my future financial security. The MB team were super friendly and their non-judgment and support towards my issues and questions about money is the main reason I would highly recommend this camp to anyone needing some help getting on track with their money. A huge thank you to Jen and the MB team!!"

Other important information
To get started you will need an active MoneyBrilliant subscription. The minimum cost will be $29.70 ($9.90 per month for 3 months). MoneyBrilliant Plus subscription fees will be charged to your nominated credit card. Payment details can be entered in the MoneyBrilliant app. At the end of Boot Camp you can continue to use MoneyBrilliant Plus or downgrade to the free MoneyBrilliant Basic plan. During Boot Camp we will not provide you with personal financial product advice. Before you make any decisions about acquiring or disposing of a financial product you should read the relevant Product Disclosure documents or other product documents and consider seeking advice from a licensed financial adviser 

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