Portfolio details - Conservative Portfolio

The MoneyBrilliant Save and Invest tool uses a number of model portfolios constructed and managed by BetaShares to illustrate possible investment returns and risk with saving and investing.

We also use an example portfolio constructed entirely of cash. The expected returns of this portfolio are based on the Bloomberg Bank Bill Index and are consistent with the long run “neutral RBA cash rate.

The BetaShares Strategic Asset Allocation portfolios are constructed using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETFs are typically a very cost effective investment product and they can be used to provide exposure to a variety of different asset classes and investments.

The BetaShares Strategic Asset Allocation model portfolios are based on the following long-term asset class assumptions. These assumptions are reviewed on an annual basis at the start of each calendar year.



Long term asset class assumptions

Annual Return Standard Deviation and Correlation Matrix

APRA/FSC/ASFA Standard Risk Measure


Strategic Asset Allocation Model Portfolio

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