Customer champion

We always act in the best interests of our customers. We are their champion and we always advocate for them.

Value for money

We strive to deliver value for money for our customers – both in what we provide and what our customers spend their money on.


We aim to make things as simple as possible.  We never hide behind complexity or try to make money by making things more complex than they need to be.


We try to make things as convenient as possible, we do the heavy lifting for our customers because this means they have more time to enjoy their lives.


We never hide things from our customers, we are always open and honest.

Our Team

Adrian Kemp

Customer Development


Supporting customers with an understanding and sympathetic ear. Adrian is dedicated to ensuring customers get the answers they need and get the most out of MoneyBrilliant.

Jen Bakker

Head of Customer Engagement


Jen is an experienced banking professional who loves wine, coffee, finding a bargain and of course her three beautiful children. Since Jen's first budget led her to buy a home at 20, Jen has passionately helped others to make better decisions with their money.

Adrian Soldan

Head of Product & UX


Adrian believes that delivering an excellent MoneyBrilliant experience is the key to success and he is passionate about helping users achieve their financial goals.

Asad Shairani

Product Specialist


Passionate about delivering not only a quality but simple functionality, Asad uses his 10 years of experience in product management and business analysis to deliver a brilliant experience.

Nicolás Felizzola

Graphic Designer


Nico has lived all over the world and uses his experience to create stunning yet simplistic interfaces for MoneyBrilliant customers.

Max Muermann



A highly experienced CTO, Max has 17 years experience delivering elegant solutions to complex problems. He leverages this every day to make MoneyBrilliant possible. Max has an incredible eye for detail while always seeing the big picture.

Behzad Banikarimi

Software Engineer


Bez utilises his seven years of technical experience supporting the MoneyBrilliant product development with incredible passion.

Tien Wei Lin

Software Engineer


Tien is a highly skilled, full-stack, web developer. His energy and eye for detail ensure MoneyBrilliant customers get a first class service.

Martin Miranda

Software Engineer


All the way from Chile with over 10 years experience in web development. Martin is passionate about providing the best user experience to customers. Love books and good music.

Pouria Almassi

Software Engineer


With over 10 years experience delivering iOS application, Pouria has a passion for delivering the perfect experience, much to the joy of MoneyBrilliant customers.

Luke Fisher



Luke has several years experience with some of the biggest brands in Australian Finance. With Luke, Franny is never far behind.

Peter Lalor



Peter has over 20 years experience in banking, insurance and accounting. He is passionate about improving people's lives through making financial services more accessible.

Who owns the MoneyBrilliant business?

The MoneyBrilliant business is owned by our CEO, Peter Lalor and AMP Limited (through a subsidiary called AMP New Ventures Pty Limited).

MoneyBrilliant operates as a separate business with its own Board and management team.

MoneyBrilliant supports Financial Inclusion

MoneyBrilliant is pleased to commit to developing and launching a Financial Inclusion Action Plan by June 2017.

Financial Inclusion in Australia

Three million people in Australia are severely or fully excluded from financial institutions and their banking and insurance products. This financial exclusion places people and families at risk of financial hardships including poverty, vulnerability to predatory lending practices and poor social, emotional and health outcomes. Good Shepherd Microfinance has been appointed by the Australian Government to develop a Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP) program.  Learn more about Financial Inclusion Action Plans (FIAP).

Our commitment

The MoneyBrilliant Statement of Commitment to Financial Inclusion reflects our desire to continue serving our customers and stakeholders by providing access to simple, practical advice that helps people make better decisions about their money and financial products that are affordable for all Australians. Read all the details and our statement of commitment.

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