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July 11, 2019 / Money

Still paying for credit card insurance? You need to read this!

Major financial institutions have been slammed by ASIC again today over sales of consumer credit insurance. This type of insurance... View Article


March 29, 2018 / Money

Gambling on credit…do the banks really care?

The Royal Commission into misconduct in banking has shone a light on how banks’ flout the rules about responsible lending... View Article


March 19, 2018 / Money

Still Paying for Credit Card Insurance?

Credit card insurance being sold by major banks is on the nose. We’ve been warning customers to make sure they... View Article


June 22, 2017 / Money

Changes to Credit Cards announced today

Financial hardship is a familiar concept in recent times. The cost of living continues to grow, while wages don’t. Credit... View Article


October 31, 2016 / Money

Paying off debt: 8 steps to empowerment

Debt, debt, debt – house, car, education, holidays and other stuff. Do you feel like the trade-off for living your... View Article


October 24, 2016 / Money

How much did you contribute to the $30billion profit the banks made this year?

The banks are telling us that they are struggling, with margins being squeezed in all areas, and particularly in the... View Article


March 24, 2016 / Money

5 steps to repaying your credit card debt

Us Aussies have a crazy amount of Credit Card debt. It’s quoted at around $50 billion with $32 billion of... View Article