What new features and enhancements have been released in MoneyBrilliant?

We release new features and enhancements to the MoneyBrilliant service all the time. Look out for our announcements about these... View Article


How do I get help and request support?

At MoneyBrilliant, we work hard to give you a service that is simple and convenient to use. However, if you... View Article


How do I make a complaint?

If you are not satisfied with our service and wish to make a complaint, you can do so by: sending... View Article


How do I provide feedback?

At MoneyBrilliant we value what our customers have to say about our service because we believe by listening to our... View Article


What if I am a business that wants to provide MoneyBrilliant to my customers?

We also offer a plans for business that want to co-brand the MoneyBrilliant Plus service and provide it to their... View Article


What if I am a Financial Planner or Accountant?

We also offer plans for Financial Planners and Accountants who want to provide the MoneyBrilliant Plus service to their customers.... View Article


Can I try MoneyBrilliant Plus?

All new customers that signup for MoneyBrilliant will automatically receive the MoneyBrilliant Plus service for 30 days. If you want... View Article


What are the features of MoneyBrilliant Plus?

In addition to the functionality available in MoneyBrilliant Basic, MoneyBrilliant Plus provides the following features: Data Exports Transaction Tagging Insights... View Article


How much does MoneyBrilliant cost?

At MoneyBrilliant we are passionate about helping people make better decisions about their money because it helps people live better... View Article


How should I protect my MoneyBrilliant account?

MoneyBrilliant uses the industry standard security technology, just like your bank, to to protect your account and the information in... View Article


Can anyone at MoneyBrilliant access my information?

Our security measures ensure your information is protected against unauthorised access from persons outside and within MoneyBrilliant. Within MoneyBrilliant we... View Article


Do I breach my online banking terms and conditions if I use MoneyBrilliant?

At MoneyBrilliant we understand that online security and the risk of fraudulent transactions is an important issue for our customers.... View Article