February 16, 2017 /

What is a Corporate Code?

Corporate codes are offered to employees and customers of certain organisations that have partnered with MoneyBrilliant. Using a corporate code... View Article


February 15, 2017 /

How do I add and delete manual bank accounts?

Manual accounts allow you to input details of accounts that you hold that you cannot or prefer not to connect.... View Article


February 14, 2017 /

How do I categorise my loan repayments?

For many people, loan repayments will occur across multiple accounts. Like when money is transferred from an offset to a... View Article


January 9, 2017 /

How do I connect and refresh accounts that require multi-factor authentication procedures?

MoneyBrilliant can connect to online bank accounts that use multi-factor authentication tokens, text messages and images from mobile devices. This... View Article


January 9, 2017 /

Can I connect accounts to MoneyBrilliant that that require multi-factor authentication procedures?

MoneyBrilliant can connect to online financial institution accounts that require multi-factor authentication procedures. These authentication procedures include: text message portable... View Article


January 5, 2017 /

How do I upgrade or view my plan and billing arrangements?

Upgrading to Plus or viewing your current plan is available on desktop, iOS and Android platforms. However, if you wish... View Article


December 1, 2016 /

How do I enter my Corporate Code?

If you are a new customer to MoneyBrilliant who has been given a corporate code, you will be asked to... View Article


November 24, 2016 /

How do I remove a duplicate transaction?

Occasionally duplicate transactions will show. If this happens on a large scale or routinely, please let us know at View Article


November 24, 2016 /

How do I view and filter my spending reports?

Your Spending Report is located in the Manage my Spending dashboard. It’s a great way to see you spending over a... View Article


November 24, 2016 /

How do I accept my Adviser’s invitation?

MoneyBrilliant provides a service called Partner Access that allows you to share your MoneyBrilliant information with your Adviser. When your... View Article


November 23, 2016 /

How do I report by tags?

Currently reporting by tag is only available through web browser. You can find out how much you spent by tag... View Article


November 23, 2016 /

Can I import my transactions and data?

When you connect your accounts, MoneyBrilliant will import your transactions to the service automatically. Early this year MoneyBrilliant built a... View Article